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sharone"MDJ is so cool! I was able to work on all my problem areas separately but simultaneously. Eventually, with advice, support, direction and encouragement from a diverse bunch of genuine people, I began to heal and was able to put myself together as one unified whole. This site is one awesome tool!" (sharone)

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Nov 24 2011
Ahhhh.... well crap I went almost two weeks without a panic attack and then bam yesterday I had a HORRIBLE one. I wanted to go the hospital and almost did but controlled myself. I can usually get these things under control pretty quickly but I swear that one yesterday it kicked my butt. I felt reallllllly wierd, my legs were like jello and I felt like I was gonna pass out all dizzy heart ect ect youknow the routine lol it was just really bad. I hope today is better. I am just having Thanksgiving with my husband and kids so no realitive pressures lol I hope everyone has a great anxiety free day!!!!!

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