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  "To show my support." (kinda4living)

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jaguarandcubs"MDJ is an integral part of my everyday life. Since joining in 2010, I have met so many amazing people. It is truly incredible to be able to share good times and not so good times with others who face the same health challenges. And MDJ has support groups for every condition I have. I don't know of anywhere else that can offer that. I love that I can learn from others as well as offer my own experiences for others to learn from." (jaguarandcubs)

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anxiety with a dose of crazy

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sorry Ive been gone so long

May 21 2013
Im back guys,not sure if I was missed lol been busy anxiety took a backseat for awhile.but my long lost friend has reared its ugly head uhhhh more later Im on a mobile phone and hate pecking out a message like this...

just feeling worse and worse

May 22 2012
from an anxiety point things have just been getting worse and worse. i am overwhelmed. the feelings of impending doom are takin a toll on me. i have new symptoms all the time i keep getting numbness andextreme dizziness its horrible. another newer symptom is hard to describe i guess a heavy feeling in my limbs like for sure one day ill try to move them and they just wont budge that hasnt happened...

new symptoms

May 14 2012
great as of today ive developed new symptoms. numbness like feelings in my left leg  and the worse i had to pull over and couldnt drive today i thought for sure i was gonna pass out and hurt me andmy kids. so scary wish this would go away. i applied for ssi i know it will be a fight but im so messed up how can i work? what job would deal with this crap???? feeling depressed....

Easter was great....

Apr 09 2012
Easter was great no big issues, the last time I had a bad attack was about a week and half ago and it really sucked (like they are ever awesome lol) I was just hanging out with the family and bam it feltlike all the air in my lungs were just squished right out I had severe shortness of breath for about thirty minutes it was horrible, I felt like THIS WAS THE TIME THAT I WAS GONNA DIE THAT THIS WAS...

Hi all!!!!

Apr 04 2012
Im back I have been busy with life I guess but will be posting again!!!...


Jan 02 2012
OK, I have been so busy I have neglected to get on here in awhile. My husband had an awesome job offer in Florida and accepted the position so two count them ONE TWO  days before Christmas wemoved ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN MILES with four kids in a car in  less than 48 hours. sheeeeeesh it was long and crazy and I had to take a xanax (which I usually don't) but I surv...


Nov 24 2011
Ahhhh.... well crap I went almost two weeks without a panic attack and then bam yesterday I had a HORRIBLE one. I wanted to go the hospital and almost did but controlled myself. I can usually get these things under control pretty quickly but I swear that one yesterday it kicked my butt. I felt reallllllly wierd, my legs were like jello and I felt like I was gonna pass out all dizzy heart ect e...

Friday Friday Friday!!!!

Nov 18 2011
Hmmmm......lets see.  Ive been doing awesome the last few days!! Havent had any significant creepiness take place. lol Going to see a psychiatrist next week that will be good hopefully. Had to postpone my therapy for about a week due to massive appointments with all my kids. Wish that this crap was all behind me. I went the entire time I was pregnant without many issues but the last...

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