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EvilElle I've just come to terms with my diagnosis of bipolar type II with social anxiety disorder. I'm trying to deal with it the best I can.

3-16-10 : Just another manic...Tuesday?

Mar 16 2010

I've been bouncing around the last couple of days.  Save a couple of hours this afternoon when I totally felt wiped out (which I attribute to a rather difficult procedure on a patient), I've been crazy with energy and accomplishing loads of projects.  Nice thing I noticed though...even though I am feeling a bit manic, with the new meds I'm not dealing with the obsessive racing thoughts.  So nice!

Last night I got a load of stuff done around the house, did some nice Wii Fit (I totally swear by abs and butt are getting AWESOME :) ), and then went up to the scrapbook room and busted out a few pages while listening to the Beatles.

Tonight I haven't done quite as much since getting home, but I got a ton finished at work.  I don't think my desk has been this clean in over a year.  I'm just trying to unwind before I do my Wii workout and probably head upstairs again.

And I have to say...I'm loving the time change! I really like that it's so light outside so late in the evening. And I much prefer waking up with the sun just slightly coming up rather than boring a hole in my bedroom windows.

Hoping the trend least enough to keep me moving and motivated.  Feeling much better than a week ago, which is very very nice. Hopefully this will last longer than the normal 2-3 days since I upped my meds last Thursday. Would be really nice to find a regimen that works.

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written by Tommy100, April 02, 2010
AAAaaaaaRHG!!!! Now i got that song in my head!! LOL!

Nice bouncy diary, stay there Elle.. smilies/cheesy.gif

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