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Extremist Really, really hoping I might find some hope through this group/forum. I used to be an outstanding writer. I used to be a lot of things. Was diagnosed bipolar 6 mos. ago, after being in denial for nearly 30 years after the initial diagnosis. I have never in my life felt normal. I have no friends. I don't like to be around people, b/c they don't talk to me or make me feel comfortable. I hope to find FRIENDS here. ...Read More
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Apr 03 2012

has been very therapeutic.  Been driving Kris all over to doc appts and have been enjoying the beautiful weather to and fro.  It's raining now, but I do have a good start on a tan.  Last year I could not take the heat AT ALL b/c of the Lithium.  I hope that does not happen again.  Wreaks havoc on my dating.  

 I can't keep up with Quinton.  He has way more energy than me.  I never feel like taking him out and letting him romp.  This too shall pass.

Had an awesome time Brandon's yesterday.  He grilled some awesome ribs. My mouth is still watering. 

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