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mobey"MDJunction has become a lifeline to my recovery. I use this site as a daily coping tool where i can share my thoughts,my fears and ask ways to cope with living life with a illness. I also found new friends here and they have restore my faith in humanity. People everywhere come here to share same problems or solutions to problems we encounter in our lives. MDjunction is a wonderful site and has help not only myself but also my family and friends. I recommend this site to anyone who thinks they are alone dealing with an illness and also to those who have love ones who suffer from illnesses. I will keep spreading the word about MDJunction to organizations who deals with illnesses that would benefit having MDjunction as a support system.Bottom line is.. I found myself again through MDJunction" (mobey)

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WaterRabbit Starting this after my 1st block, a lumbar-thorasic block

Catching up w/ family! Early mothers' day surprise!

May 11 2012
My daughter & her family dropped by out of the blue last night. The baby's talking up a storm & is a cutie, and is already almost 2 1/2! My oldest grand daughter is as tall as me, I thinka little taller! It was great to see her & my grand son. He looks just like my son at that age-exactly! She gave me pictures & I had to do a double-take of the pictures!  I wish we had more time together, but it was awesome to see them. My house was a mess b/c my gal that I let go hadn't been doing her job, and after living in the same place for almost 15 years, I need to get of of a LOT of stuff, so I'd started going through that w/ a friend & a neighbor, so I can hopefully have a garage sale soon.

Both my older grand kids are on the honor roll & advanced placement & have grown SO much! My grand daughter starts high school next year, and she's REALLY tall! She used to be the short one, but I kept telling my daughter years ago that I thought she had that tall gene in her & she does! She's grown SO tall in such a short time! She'll prolly be over 6 feet before she's done with high school! My grandson is such a joy! She's so pleasant & sweet! He & the baby were a bit tired, but we'll be seeing each other soon she says, so I'm happy they are doing so well in school. The "baby" is talking up a storm & was really shy until she saw my drums (I thought about giving them to her, but I'd need to talk to mom & dad before going down that road! I don't believe in dropping noisy toys like that on parents without their OK!), then she was fine. She's already talking in full sentences! She's a little spitfire & is already reading too. My older GD  is still at the top of her class & expects to be Valor Victorian of her class if she keeps it up, so I'm happy for her. I remember reading to her & having her write her letters when she was little. She looked around & said my house had SO many memories! I'd watched her from the time she was a baby until when my daughter moved away, but she remembered so many things, down to even her bath toys, the "little" palm tree in the back yard she saw as a sprout & since she's seen it, it's prolly put on another 10-15 feet or so!

It was SO nice to see them again & to know they are doing so well. My daughter is working as a manager at work & her husband is still running his own business. 

Anyhow, I had to share! I hadn't seen them in  while, so it was nice to catch up. It was awesome to see all 3 grand kids together! They are SO special to me! The oldest is already talking colleges, taking college classes next year & will be driving before we know it, so I'm excited for her! She wants to be a doctor or a veterinarian & I know she can do anything she wants to do & will do it well. My grandson is right behind her & little sister is right behind them both.  It's great to see how excited kids get at this age about picking a college. I'm SO proud of them all! I know these kids have a great future & it just made my evening! Even if my hair was a mess! 
Meeting the little one for the 1st time was a blast! I wish we lived closer! They've go their other grandma too though, and although we've not met, she seems to be a positive influence in their lives as well! 
I'm hoping we can all get together for Mother's day as well! :) 
An awesome day to get together with family for a great meal & to all catch up together.
I'm hoping my son & daughter-in-law had a bun in the over too! I know they are trying! We should have another coming before too long G-d-willing! That really made my evening! I *WAS* thinking though & weather I stay where I am or move, I'm going to have to keep the babies in mind! Definitely will have to be sure the cabinets, etc. are childproofed! When you moving stuff around, it's tough & the youngest knows not to get into the cabinets for the most part & just by habit, I've always kept cleaners out of the cabinets, etc., but more to do & need to keep that in mind for this little one & the hopefully new one on the way!

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written by scorpioj, May 13, 2012
So happy that you had the joy of spending time with your grandchildren, you are proud of them and rightly so! I hope you get some time together on Mother's Day, and on that note Happy Mother's Day!
Take care,

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