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  "I have had sleep disorders my whole life." (SPANKY331)

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Macv"For me, MDjunction has been a place where I can share my experiences
living with the very rare bone disease called Ollier's ( Enchondromatosis ) with the parents of children recently diagnosed. I can help them not to run
into the pitfalls my parents did when I was young, give them a bit of a view
from their child's perspective and simply be there to offer support and
hope to people who are scared and just had their lives upended. I also belong to a chronic pain group and it's been a Godsend to be able to actually
talk with others who understand what I'm dealing with. Besides them helping me through my tough times, I can be there to help them as well. Here too, I can use my years of experience to help others avoid pitfalls and it makes me feel good, gives my life more purpose. MDjunction brings people
together when their suffering, at their darkest and feeling alone in this world and allows some light to be brought back into their lives. HOPE, that's what
MDjunction means to me!
Linda aka Macv
" (Macv)

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WaterRabbit Starting this after my 1st block, a lumbar-thorasic block

2-27-2012 - reacting to ???

Feb 27 2012

I had a caudal injection again Friday, and had forgotten that the time before last (or was it the last time?) I had a milder reaction. Felt similar to a food allergy. I had been itching, feeling likeI could scratch through my skin to the bone this time, as if I had been given corticosteroids, yet I was given lidocaine.

 I had hoped not, but it seems I might have developed an allergy to Lidocaine, or hopefully not Lidocaine, but an additive in the injection?

The last time I'd suspected that might be starting, but w/ thyroid changes, etc.,  I expected some reactions, esp. with the trauma of having been in an accident, but this feels too much like a Kenalog reaction.

 I broke out on my back, my nose is peeling as if I had a sunburn, yet I haven't been in the sun.

I don't feel well, had a very rough weekend. I'd hoped for some lasting relief, but after about 4 hours (which could have been from a local of lidocaine) 

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written by WaterRabbit, February 27, 2012
Grrr... this itching & pain is driving me nuts... Feel like my skin's burning and like I've been dropped off a cliff... This needs to stop. smilies/cry.gif
written by scorpioj, February 28, 2012
Feel better soon! Reaction to meds is annoying when you need them. I hope the itch stops ASAP!!
written by WaterRabbit, March 01, 2012
TY ScorpioJ!
I am feeling some better, but had a rough time last night. I felt like my L side of my abdomen & chest were burning. That's a first!

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