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  "I've had two brain tumors found in the last six years." (Pauncho)

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DelicateSoul"I have been with MDJ for quite a while now. When I came I was in need of answers, as well as companionship. I found that and more. I have friends here that are there when I need them. And for that I am grateful!" (DelicateSoul)

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4uwisdom I'm 49 years old, At 47 I recovered from codependent with "Global Awareness".

Appointed to give others a voice…providing the resources for those at risk. Community awareness, by listen to their stories and gaining insight. Remembering our history, those before us and embracing wisdom.
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Healing, loving and getting to know yourself

Mar 25 2011

I'm getting ready to write a book and putting my energy in getting to know myself has been a great healer.

At an early age poetry was passed down as Legacy a gift, to express those thingsseen (with the Spiritual eye or maybe just hidden inside). My hope is to embrace others through these experiences and write a book very soon that will give the (abused, rejected, neglected, hurting, and lonely), with low self-esteem a sense of direction for fulfillment of their soul, which will make them complete and whole. Some experiences are meant to destroy, but we can overcome by opening a new door. (Words, rhymes, rhythm are my inner joy)...

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