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  "I have fibro and my middle son has ADHD" (fiibromomof4)

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MissNikkiAnn"When you have an illness with the name "Non-Familial Dysautonomia" (a name that most people, and even doctors, have never heard of), you need a network
of people who understand the name and the symptoms/issues that come with it.
MDJunction led me to that network of people during a very confusing and sickly time. For this I am thankful. And for this reason I try my best to give back to other members the same care and help that I received through MDJunction.
" (MissNikkiAnn)

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sunshinethewerewolf My daily life of rants,raves,freaking out and and this roller coaster ride called my life. That at times can even surprise me, but this is my life and well welcome to all who read this.

Little By Little It Get's Better

Jul 22 2011
Its been a while ive been absent for a while. Now i still dont have a job but I'm going on SSI. I'm pacing alot and the need to feel to do more. I'm drawing more and I'm more than halfway done with college..I spend my daysjob searching and watching movies. I'm going to be moving to to bethlehem when i get the SSI and find a job I can make up $2000 with the SSI on top of that. So it's getting a little by little it Get's better. 

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