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  "I wear the ribbon in support of people like me who have addictions to drug and/o..." (Buzzy)

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JoSh11"MDJunction is at least as big a part of my healing as the medications I take. Finding others with the same health challenges has truly been a Godsend. The support & information I receive here give me the courage to stand up for my needs in social situations, as well as the techniques & references to help my friends & family understand this Invisible Chronic Illness." (JoSh11)

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sunshine4ere Documenting my day to day living and adjusting to a disease that still bears no name for me. It may steal my body but it can't touch my spirit. I am blessed beyond when I compare my suffering to those I have met and friends I have yet to meet.

The Ones Who Love Us

Oct 12 2009

I want to say a simple thankyou to the ones who love and support me. Especially my husband who holds me every night when I wake him up around 4 am each morning with terrible tremors. I don't know if this is a herx but it has been going on now for about 10 days. It cuts into his sleep  but he says that he wouldn't want me to be anywhere else but by his side. He holds me til they pass, which takes a while. I'm thankful to have children and grandchildren who love me and take time with me. We had a lovely dinner together today to celebrate family and the things we are thankful for. I am thankful to have parents who taught me by example to have a heart of gratitude. Who loved me unconditionally, even when I was unloveable. I thank God I was able to give back to them and see them to the other side, oh how I miss them but I will be with them again. They won't come to me, but I shall go to them. Most of all, I am thankful for a God that loves me unconditionally, who gave his life for me and continues to carry me when I struggle to walk. Some day I will be with my beloved son, Ben, my Mom and Dad and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I feel nostalgic this evening missing my loved ones, but savoring the beautiful memories. Often Life hands us things we have not asked for, we may not have much choice about that but we sure have a choice about our attitudes. Lord please keep me sweet.







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