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  "I wear purple for chronic pain and pancreatitis." (momqueenie)

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Bettyg"MDJ means a place for others with my type of illness to hang out; chronic lyme and/or co-infections/other diseases the ticks carry.
We get NEEDED SUPPORT from those walking in our shoes, and share in EDUCATING one another.
We are blessed to have over 700 boards in ONE location! A WIN-WIN.
" (Bettyg)

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medicalbaffle Today was not a good day. Went to OB/GYN and the LP has caused damage, as the cervix has skin over it like a hood. More medicine today and another Biopsy and culture.

Marked improvement

Feb 20 2010

Well I continue to see marked improvement on both feet.  I think she just may be on to something(the DR).

I am functioning alot better these last few day, I even  tolerated  some walking and a trip for resale shoping.  I love thrifting.

You know I have been doing alot of thinking I noticed that these LP promblems began at the on set of my meonapause, I am post menopausal about 3 years now and am 53.

I did some checking and I am seeing a trend in the ages between 45-60 that peoplenot just women but men are getting LP.

I wonder if it is some kind of mineral that the body loses during menopause that triggers the immune systen to act out or if it is the loss of hormones.

It would be interesting to see if after I have a hystro if these promblems dissapear.

I still have the skin growth caused by the LP on my cervix, but the biops were all negative and go back to te OB/Gyn in August unless I have further promblems.

My worst fear @ present is when my feet are healed and the DR is able to to the biopsy , there is a chance the I could have skin cancer because I have had the LP on the feet for so long.

But hey I will remain positive andcontinue doing what I am doing.

Well these are my thoughts for the day.

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