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  "permanently disabled, (bipolar I), arthritis, chronic pain... " (Kelti)

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Molly5"MDJunction has been a place where I can go to talk,share, laugh and cry. It has been a wonderful and comforting place to find people who share the same health and family issues. I have made many amazing and caring friends here at MDJ. (Molly5)" (Molly5)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Dercum's Disease/Adiposa Dolorosa, together
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"I too have extreme jerking. I have been on 1500 mg of Gabapentin for jerking and pain for a couple of..."
"Naughty RUK1...typing to us in the tubbie! I've always loved a bubble bath..problem now is I can't get out..."
"So great Wendy! We so appreciate the efforts you are making and we all stand behind you. Best of luck in..."
"I had my first lipoma on my lower leg when I was in junior high. A few more lipomas followed in my early..."
"Thank you Garburt, now I have somewhere to get more info from in the UK :)"
"Thanks for your kind words Thor...We will beat this thing! Grandma Sylvia"
"Sylvia: I forgot to mention. I fell and tore my rotator cuff in two places, surgery is out. I did a lot..."
"emk...I overlooked this post so wanted to respond to it. I already "know" you from other posts...."
"Thanks Margie. I hope that you have a peaceful holiday. We are doing OK. Still wrapping gifts that will be..."
"By the way, I can only report a doctor to the state medical board. If that is the case, I have quite a..."
"Sorry Jeff, I forgot to address the diet aspect of your question. I limit all sources of sugar, eat a..."
"I Mayo, what you have said is true. Vit D is key to something . For m low D more pain, mine s tested every..."
"Well, I wasn't abused. The only stress in my life was the high achievement I expected of myself in school...."
"Natsphat...You have really been put through the wringer with this thing. My big droopy breasts are full of..."
"This is from an advertisement for a new TV show on the Discovery will be of interest to those..."
"did you have the treatment? wendy"
"I might have shared this before. Two things that have helped me deal with doctors. I read "HOW..."
"Garburt, talk to Jillian as I did the pump in conjunction with the massage and it did nothing for me. I..."
"I keep saying we need to move fluid, however there are so many toxins in our systems they can't get going..."
"Thanks for your repost Wendy. So glad that your test results were good. Hopefully you are making a dent in..."
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