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  "This ribbon is for my mother whose was born blind with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)..." (trudy077)
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Latest Co-Dependent Personality Diaries
irisgardens  ""
CrazySquirrel  "Its been awhile since I posted here. I was pregnant then. I have a wonderful healthy 9 month old boy, Orion. I left the deadbeat dad who wouldn't look for a job and I'm really happy. I'm n..."
yvonnenyahe "i know i havent written in a while,...honestly i just didnt feel like it but finally gatherered the strength and courage to sign in again today.remember my boyfriend?...the one i love so much who is t..."
vegastori  ""
irisgardens  " Hi, Thank you for writing and thank you for letting me know about Rachel. "
vegastori  "well  lol i finally figured out how to write an actual entry using my phone! My name is VegasTori and I am a survivor of the following plus  others Im sure that have yet to be diagnosed. sex..."
judyha222  "I want to write this so that if something bad happens in the future, I will remember that I have been this happy. Never, ever in my wildest imagination did I think that my son would come home from pri..."
lken  "Whoever looks into the mirror of the water will see first of all his own face. Whoever goes to himself risks a confrontation with himself. The mirror does not flatter, it faithfully shows whatever loo..."
lken  "what is life with pain? all i think about is it, no matter what i do.   mental pain or physical pain, do we feel any kind of pleasure if pain over rides it?  trip to great place is a fe..."
ODDTC  " I am sharing the STOCKDALE PARADOX with you below… it was and is meaningful to me on a personal level. If you are intrigued by it, and appreciate it, then I highly encourage you to read a..."
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