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Latest Co-Dependent Personality Diaries
DK1020  "My fiancee is doing really well moving forward in the things he needs to do for himself.  I have held my ground on the things that I need to see happen before I can reset are wedding date (kinda ..."
lken  "i was at the VA having my blood taken and got to talking to a old vet who was having infection in his sack, had 3 operations there and they kept cutting away a knot that kept coming back,, is this a..."
lken  "i guess i try to avoid the rest of world sometimes, , even with a post office box as a address, and changing my cell phone number a lot,  but u can be found. i co signed for my son for car, but h..."
DK1020  "One of the hardest things I have learned to to do is set boundaries with the people I care about . The last 2 days I have been feeling stronger than I have in weeks, until I talked to my boyfriend. He..."
DK1020  "I have been working on going back to the basics, I am taking everything one day at a time right now and letting go and letting God take care of the things I can't control. I informed my boy friend..."
spankney  "She was a friend of around 5 years. lives in my apt complex. used to ride my bus almost every day i worked, started with just occasional rides and visits to my home but had escalated to requiring me t..."
spankney  " Sunday was fucked because the schedule is "
tiredemotion  "I'm finding its better to fight my guilt by going within. The more I write, the more shocked I become. Its like I realize I haven't been connecting with what's happened with me, unless I w..."
DK1020  "It's funny how things just creep up on you when you least excpect it. this time last year I was all pleased with my life. Everything was running smooth a peaceful, My 25 yr old daughter was clean ..."
tiredemotion  "From day 1, I've been unclear about what group I should be in; bipolar II to successfully learn how to live with my bipolar II wife or codependency to learn when I'm sacrificing too much ..."
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