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  "I am hep c positive and wear it in memory of those who have lost there fight, st..." (MonteBelle)

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JAYEPAWS"It means that finally I have someone to relate too. that I'm not the only one with these kind of problems. it really feels good not to be alone in this. I've made some good friends. I appreciated the support that I have found here at this site,

where as other parts of my life I don't get.
Thank you for being there & creating this site.

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, together.
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People Join our groups to find others who understand them and share. By answering all their questions and introductions we will make the group a place worth coming back to. This page should be empty...
"I have a 21 month old daughter with salt wasting CAH. We are still learning about this disorder."
"Post edited by: sandals, at: 03/30/2009 12:47"
"After being on Prednisone for a while, I was tested for CAH, and told I do not have it. I have all the..."
"My name is Amber, and my son was diagnosed with CAH when he was a week and a half old. His newborn..."
"im 25 years old, and yes i admit until recently i have never really done the right things regaurding my..."
"I am new here and just wanted to say hello. I have two beautiful daughters ages 7 yrs & 11 yrs that..."
"I am 74 years old I had a major problem June 1957 and went on from there (improvement and then the side..."
"Hi, my daughter was diagnosed with CAH 21 hydroxylace deficiency shortly after she was born. She is now 20..."
"Hi, my daughter was diagnosed with late onset CAH and is treated successfully with spironolactone and..."
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