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  "to give my support " (topcat12)

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liamacker"The part of my recovery plan that I would say made up 80% is MDJ. I suffered a lot prior to finding MDJ, felt alone and had no one to talk to who really understood me. In the Bipolar Group I found like minded individuals who I could relate to and who offered support to me when I needed it. As I recovered, I could then offer support to them which gave me a good feeling about myself. I have met some great people here who I would class as good friends and know I would still be in the slump I was in without them. Now I am stable, I know that MDJ plays an important part in keeping me that way. Thank you MDJ for being there for us all and making us no longer feel alone." (liamacker)

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"Oh, the images I am seeing in my very active imagination!!! I could have done well without the molasses..."
"I don't know you but I am battling cirrhosis myself. I feel for your husband and will pray for him . I..."
"Holhill, If you aren't having scheduled egd's every 3-6 months or so to check for varices before they..."
"That is correct it is 28,000. However I believe the company has determined that they don't want anyone to..."
"You guys are too funny."
"I can relate. I'm in the same boat ur in. 5 dogs, 5 cats, 1 snake, 9 hens and one rooster. Hep C,..."
"Thank you for your responses.. It so hard to watch him suffer with this horrible diease"
"I was just reading this because I've noticed some marks like thread veins and stuff on my chest, but I..."
"Jackie, I started taking a Bentyl before I had an egd which seemed to relax my esophagus . The spasms..."
"Pam, I created a mixture that helped me with the itching . I put a cup of alcohol, 1/4 cup of green..."
"I wish my husband would take that advice. He sits there and argues with me and yells like I'm the ``..."
"I am so sorry for situation. Praying for you and for your family. Cannot imagine how fatigue you must..."
"I take my lactulose in unsweet ice tea. The lactulose makes it very sweet. I seem to tolerate the..."
"No he will not be nauseated necessarily depends on where the bleed is and if he has one and they cant find..."
"By no means are you alone. I'm ok until I have some chocolate, if there is no chocolate around I can..."
"I had hoped to get in to my PCP today, but, alas, he was not in today... he usually is on Fridays. So I..."
"Hi. I was diagnosed with hep c in 2001 and cirrhosis this past December. I know what you are going..."
"Thanks for your reply :-D"
"I'm glad it is working out for you."
"Sovaldi and ribavirin only on it 3 weeks. this is not typical though. he is decompensated so it was a lot..."
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