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  "I have Carcinoid cancer." (Carcinoid)

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Claire138"It's been a year since I joined the Parkinson's Disease Support Group on MDJunction and all I can say is thank you all for the support, compassion and friendship I've received and been able to give as well. It was a lonely night when I came upon this site, but the nights aren't that lonely anymore...
With gratitude to all...
Claire138 (aka Bonnie)
" (Claire138)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Cirrhosis, together.
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"Ashleigh, We will just have to hope and pray that you get it! God knows that cirrhosis causes so..."
by marable

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 27 days ago
"Hi Sally, I am so sorry about your son. Its great that he hasn't drank since Nov,2013! Is he being..."
by marable

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 28 days ago
"Thank you GmansMom for "verbalizing" my thoughts! I'm going to lock down this discussion now on..."
by dmanflan

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 28 days ago
"It is an awesome time for those with HepC. So many people will now be able to avoid a transplant in the..."
by ktay82
in Cirrhosis General & Support - 29 days ago
"haha Bruce. I rode down to Midland (3 hour car drive) with my brother last week. I had to explain to..."
"You know, they didn't even ask me. I guess with Perri asking them everytime she saw someone for two weeks..."
"You need to add a lot more protein to that diet imo, the only thing with protein is nuts. And veggies..."
"Lisa, I would be going from doctor to doctor until I found one who would treat me better. This kind of..."
"I'm sorry to hear about your brother. HE HAS To STOP DRINKING or he will die. I will say a prayer for him."
"well, when live gives you lemons..."
"I can so relate to the speech impediments. ... sometimes I feel retarded. My words come out the wrong..."
"welcome and sorry you have to be here but we are here for you and your husband makes me sad how strong..."
"Welcome lavender cat. I am new to this also. I was diagnosed in December. . There is a lot of info on here..."
"my neighbor has serious BP issues and has to watch her sodium closely. She bought a counter-top distiller..."
"oh Dear I hope everything is OK. Praying for you to have the best possible results. Just when you think..."
"Yea my stupid phone was set on French auto correct,I eat protein and excersisea bit,waiting for summer to..."
"Fibroscan Is 100 dollars here in canada,well atleast where i went.still alot of money for a test not..."
" butts. You need it now. I was eligible when I came home from Abq. longest trip in..."
"Hi Dave, I'm definitely not an expert, but based on my experience your platelets don't look that low to..."
"I had tips to remove portal vein clot and restore my portal vein. MY HE got better, not worse. my ankle..."
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