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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Cirrhosis, together.
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Cirrhosis Current Discussion (Page 2)
"First absolutely yes being diabetic can play a role. Even if highly controlled there are health risk..."
"I am so very sorry. I hate this disease. She was far too young."
"Thanks for the info...I appreciate it. I wish thats just what it said. You know...not a bad report Mr...."
by Charlie1973

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 8 days ago
"Thanks, Doug. He had no fat! Hospitalized in 2012 resulted in a loss of 50 lbs....muscle and fat. He's..."
by MommaMac

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 8 days ago
"That makes sense. Kind of scary that the radiologist couldn't see the fluid pockets however. I could..."
by marable

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 9 days ago
"I was on a 1500 ml fluid restriction as well. Its rough. I was never a big water drinker until my fluids..."
by marable

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 10 days ago
"My husband is always cold. I think I'll get him an electric throw. What's odd in the bedroom, he..."
"I know Mike is correct. However since I was working sporadically for most of 2010 and since I'm sure that..."
by tabbtech

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 12 days ago
"Thanks everyone for your input! It's nice to talk to folks who dont need every little thing explained.."
"I had no idea I had cirrhosis until my biopsy was done. My ultrasounds, CTs, all of that looked normal...."
by sashafarce

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 12 days ago
"Tommy, Please, please get into an alcoholic rehab program, AA etc. and make the committment to stay off..."
"I feel so for you as my children deal with my illness from miles and miles away too. It is wonderful that..."
by scotlady4

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 13 days ago
"Don't panic! I was diagnosed in 1996 when I had my gall bladder removed. I woke up to the cirrhosis news..."
by scotlady4

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 13 days ago
"Carolyn, I had low blood sugar episodes a lot before my liver transplant. None since. I carried a..."
by marable

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 14 days ago
"GMansMom, thank you for sharing. I really try VERY CAREFULLY to bring up anything. I try to wait until..."
"Absolutely nothing is like the itching related to cirrhosis. I used to scratch my ears until they bled...."
by marable

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 16 days ago
"Vivian, sounds like you were a wonderful, caring clinician. I've known three people in my life with..."
"You don't say anything about your husbands symptoms/condition so there could be a number of reasons for..."
by ktay82
in Cirrhosis General & Support - 18 days ago
"I also developed an interesting architecture of collateral veins due to my portal vein clot. Since my..."
by dachsiefan

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 19 days ago
by Mojo66

in Cirrhosis General & Support - 20 days ago
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