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  "The zebra awareness ribbon stands for many rare illnesses including Ehlers Danlo..." (debdrake)

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RickEJ"I was diagnosed 8 years ago with Bi-Polar II.
With no support in my area I searched the web for help, after two years I stumbled on to MDJ.
The bi-polar II group has been my life line since 12/26/2009.
dizzyb my friend, you are not forgotten!
" (RickEJ)

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"It depends on the sensitivity of the test to determine alcohol consumption. If you have cirrhosis no..."
"Thank you Moonwatcher, i remember the dark days when you used to reply to my messages. We are not in..."
"I had the same thing for almost 3 months last summer. They did test after test but never found any reason..."
"Pam, I did not have the pleural effusion but did have to had 4 revisions of my shunt due to stenosis. a..."
"If you have a fax machine or fax number there is an old trick. Ask to have copies sent to your doctor,..."
"If he has ascites though I think you mentioned that before then you have to be careful about the fluids it..."
"Also is he drinking enough water. It cannot hurt to give more lactulose. How often is he taking it? This..."
"I cannot tell you how sorry I am to hear this. I pray daily for everyone on here, some of you by name...."
"You are getting wise advice. Many reasons for nightmares. Sometimes it's a simple matter of too much..."
"When I told my internist that the iv fluids that I was getting was going straight into my abdomen and that..."
"Hi gabs, Indeed, everyday IS a new adventure!! Always expect the unexpected with it, it is rarely..."
"Many,many thanks indeed!"
"Agree, a compassionate and knowledgeable doctor is EVERYTHING!!! Get better soon. Vivian"
"Thank you for the prayers. I have always said the power of prayer, and not the doctors, got him through..."
"Many thanks to each of you! This is, I suspect, likely at least in part due to blood sugar...diabetes. I..."
"Jim'sliver doc ok'd milk thistle. Said there was not anything proving it helped nor hurt. Take it if he..."
"Thank you Booky & Moon Watcher! Booky, I think you were correct. He came to early last week and was..."
"So sorry that you are going through all this and with being sick it just has to make it all worse :( Hope..."
"My hep. doctor told me that they used ammonia because that was the easiest to measure. She indicated..."
"Most of us are in that low platelet club right along with you! At some point, you may need a transfusion...."
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