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  "Husband has lung cancer" (mkoskwe)

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HiddenButterfly"All I can say is that this has been the best place ever. It has been six to seven months since I joined, and I have learned so much. I now believe in myself and accept myself on a completely different level. The people on MDJunction has been so supportive and accepting that I have been able to adopt it into my personal life. That has reduced a lot of stress in my life. Thanks to all." (HiddenButterfly)

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"Thank you see when i almost died ,unfortunately we were separated so he didn't see all that, but he's seen..."
"Very true. Thank you for helping me keep it in perspective."
"Is that what it means? After all these months of being told I have cirrhosis, I dont? Bloody hell!!!..."
"Just a thought. I would expect that having the breathing done for the patient would allow the body to..."
"I had to beg my old crappy gastro to do one. I had rectal bleeding and was concerned about varices down..."
"im freezing most of the time too and i actually have more iron than im supposed to, like the others said..."
"This may sound a bit counterintuitive, but get you a pair of thin silk (not a synthetic but real silk...."
"I am going through the same things like yours right now. All labs are great except for platelets which are..."
"Hello, no I have no belly fat, I don't know what it was, because it is down again a few lbs. God bless...."
"It depends on the sensitivity of the test to determine alcohol consumption. If you have cirrhosis no..."
"Thank you Moonwatcher, i remember the dark days when you used to reply to my messages. We are not in..."
"I had the same thing for almost 3 months last summer. They did test after test but never found any reason..."
"Pam, I did not have the pleural effusion but did have to had 4 revisions of my shunt due to stenosis. a..."
"If you have a fax machine or fax number there is an old trick. Ask to have copies sent to your doctor,..."
"If he has ascites though I think you mentioned that before then you have to be careful about the fluids it..."
"Also is he drinking enough water. It cannot hurt to give more lactulose. How often is he taking it? This..."
"I cannot tell you how sorry I am to hear this. I pray daily for everyone on here, some of you by name...."
"You are getting wise advice. Many reasons for nightmares. Sometimes it's a simple matter of too much..."
"When I told my internist that the iv fluids that I was getting was going straight into my abdomen and that..."
"Hi gabs, Indeed, everyday IS a new adventure!! Always expect the unexpected with it, it is rarely..."
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