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  "Because I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was 13 years old." (Jordan06)

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aTinaL"To me, Mdjunction comes down to motivation. The support and information I have found here motivated me to take a very proactive stance regarding my illness. This led me to find medication and doctors that are giving me my life back.
More important than even the motivation, though, is the friendship I have found at MDJ. I have made some of the best friends of my entire life right here in this group. Even though most of us have never met, it feels as if we have known each other for years.
If Angels walk among us, and I believe that they do, most of them are here at MDJ.
" (aTinaL)

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"I had hoped to get in to my PCP today, but, alas, he was not in today... he usually is on Fridays. So I..."
"Hi. I was diagnosed with hep c in 2001 and cirrhosis this past December. I know what you are going..."
"Thanks for your reply :-D"
"I'm glad it is working out for you."
"Sovaldi and ribavirin only on it 3 weeks. this is not typical though. he is decompensated so it was a lot..."
"I take Sam-e 400 mg. in the morning and Milk thistle 250 mg. twice a day. I'll pm brands later. Paul"
"Thank you all for the support, and iwiham, I do go to the bathroom a lot, and my tummy feels really good...."
"A piece of meat or cheese before bed is good to get some protein in you.Also a boost or ensure would be..."
"The course of treatment are because I have a clotting abnormality. My blood has more of a clotting factor...."
"I for one loved Cleveland Clinic, my husband spent weeks at a time there and we loved all the nurses and..."
"Brandi, beautiful, touching tribute. So sorry to have mistaken your post for recent. I'm so sorry for..."
"Yeah that's no fun for sure. Thanks Doug I appreciate it."
"I'm doing as good as I can -went in and they found effusions in both lungs and pnuemothorax. I was in the..."
"Jackie, Good to hear he is doing better. Doug"
"Good chance with ultrasound stating unremarable, your liver could be ok. If you drink alcohol, stop now...."
"Can someone please help me make sense of my labs & ultrasound. My protein a little elevated. Alkaline..."
"I was reading of a different line of research to accomplish the same thing, just using a different..."
"Doug, Awesome Idea! Anita I would definitely do that. LOL"
"Thank you Ktay, forgot.... Twice I ran out of meds, and twice aside from that I found out the amount I..."
"Thanks for the support!! You guys are terrific!! I will keep on - keeping on"
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