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  "In honor of my grandson Gavin who was born sleeping on April 23, 2012" (Mimi1962)

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MMsBrat"MDJumction, to me is home. It's a place where I find understanding, friendship, and advice. It's my Go-To site when my illnesses get the better of me, a place where I can find coping mechanisms, a shoulder to cry on, and others who know just what I'm going through. MD Junction has become a safe haven in times of need, even if I just need to vent. The friendship, and advice I have found on MDJunction has been a Godsend. If you, or a loved one has medical issues, please, check out MDJunction. You will be glad you did!

" (MMsBrat)

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Headache Relief Head Massage 1
From Headache Relief Head Massage 1
by: vindona2:54 minutes
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