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  "I have 4 children living with autism" (marthaj0121)
A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Chronic Headache, together.
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Latest Chronic Headache Diaries
Zahc  " "Who Is That Man On My MDJuction, ‘Profile'? And, Why Do I Hate Him?" 08/27/13 To my very, very dearest friends, and most kind and loyal readers, I know--that in fi..."
Zahc  "" ‘The Lizard And The Goblet': A Parable That Speaks To These Awful, And Uncertain Times" 08/23/13 To my very, very dearest friends, and loyal, kind, and constant readers..."
Zahc  " " How High The Sky, How Deep The Sea "An Ode To Those Who Suffer From Bipolar Disorder, I & II. And, Especially For Those Family Members And/or Friends Who Simply Cannot Seem To Under..."
Zahc  ""Apart From The Obvious, It Never Really Does End, Does It?"08/14/13To my dearest, dearest friends, and ever-constant, loyal readers,So many, ‘things', in our lives have a very def..."
Zahc  "08/07/13My dear new friend, ‘durham423',Please do forgive the lateness of my reply, as I know that you had asked me for information and/or advice, and I did not want you to think that I had ..."
ldianejones1  "I am at the end of my rope and feeling so helpless.  I am 33 years old and have suffered from chronic headaches for the past 10 years.  I have always had a pain management doctor and neurolo..."
mamajo  "I swear the guy went off the Gaba or whatever he's been taking lately.  Got a phone call at work (which hasn't happened in a while) where he's telling he wants something done and done..."
Zahc  ""Unbearably Ill, Unutterable Pain and Panic, Lost, Violated, Angry, And-Frankly-Afraid" 07/25/13To my very, very dearest friends, and faithful, loyal readers,At present, I am as close t..."
Zahc  ""Within The Secret Gardens Of The Heart, Displayed, Are Intimate, and Tonic, Flower'd Joys Arrayed"07/20/13Oh, my dearest, kindest friends, and ever-constant, loyal readers,I have always..."
Zahc  ""For Those Who Have Intractable Pain--As Have I--Some Good News I Want To Share With You" 07/17/13 (While-admittedly-thisis a repeat of an earlier diary entry, still...should it in..."
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