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ITeach91"MD Junction has been a lifeline to me. The support and information I receive from group members is so important for me to maintain a good quality of life. I struggled with a diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency and did not know where to turn, but then I found MD and it has been one of the most important tools to help me to enjoy my life and stay as healthy as possible. We really are stronger together than we could ever be alone." (ITeach91)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Child Abuse, together.
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Child Abuse Survivors Community › Child Abuse Survivors Unanswered Posts
Child Abuse Survivors Unanswered Posts
People Join our groups to find others who understand them and share. By answering all their questions and introductions we will make the group a place worth coming back to. This page should be empty...
"A guy opens a bar in down town Spokane Washington last week and one of the signature drinks is called the..."
"I can't believe it but it happened.. After 20 years.. After another 24 + hours without sleep, a full..."
"If you would like to be on our radio show, to share your experiences or give a voice to others, that may..."
"Making it further through the book "Beyond The Darkness" by Cynthia A. Kubetin. Learning so much..."
"Will repost..Post edited by: wisdom50, at: 07/05/2013 04:04 PM"
" I cant believe again its come round to my birthday so quickly. 1st July, A day that i dread with a..."
"I have had a vague memory of a S&M sexual encounter with the girl down the block. She was 5 years..."
" *business desk's drawer. my dad has already seemed creepy to me before that i told my mom and she..."
"I feel that been molested by a relative as a young child has seriously hindered my trust. I have been a..."
"A darkness dwells deep in me. A hidden world that only I can see. When people try to get inside, I..."
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