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find that same support I've found from day 1. MDJ is my new family.
The friends I've made here will remain with me for a lifetime.
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Written by mikg   
12 November 2006
web sites of interestThere are many sites that offer information regarding research and development of treatment, as well as forums designed to facilitate contact between patients all around the world. Information regarding cancer is provided by many organisations that fight this disease every day and now can also use cyber space to assist the sick and their families. The following is a short review of sites and the information they provide that you might find relevant for your research.


The American cancer society operates the site:
On this site you can find information regarding cancer that is arranged according to the kind of disease you are researching. You can also join the fight against cancer by donating, participating in events, volunteering and advocating for change. You can also find statistics, clinical trails and new research info as well as stories of hope. The site also offers a tool to find if there is an American Cancer Society (ACS) operating in your community.

The American society for clinical oncology :
On this site you can find information about kinds of cancer, tips for coping and information r
egarding diagnosis. Also there is a library and a patients guide and resources guide.

The breast cancer resource committee:
The Breast Cancer Resource Committee (BCRC) is a not-for-profit, 501( c )3 organization located in Washington, D.C. BCRC is dedicated to reducing the incidence and mortality from breast cancer among African American women,
info sitesparticularly those women who have little or no access to adequate health care and treatment. Their site contains information about their actions and much information that can lead to treatment resources. The committee also publishes the SASSi™ - Sisters Accessing Skills for Survival and Intervention - a magazine with information regarding cancer treatment.

Cancer Care Inc. operates the following site:
CancerCare is a national non-profit organization that provides free, professional support services for anyone affected by cancer. Their site offers support and information for patients, family members and health professional faced with cancer of all types.

The cancer research foundation of America:
The site has a special section for breast cancer. It includes a introduction to breast cancer, statistics and tip for prevention. The site also has sections on treatment and research. It offers also the options to join the fight by donation and advocacy action.

The center for disease control and prevention: center offers a National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program and on the site you can find out all about it.

The Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation:
The site includes information for patients, survivors and co survivors. Its main features are a free newsletter and a forum accessible to all who want to share their story. The site concentrates on breast cancer and also offers information about the disease.

The National Cancer Institute: www.cancer.govThe site offers an A to Y list of all cancer types. It also offers comprehensive information regarding research and statistics. Other topics are prevention, treatment and methods and physicians data.

The oncology nursing society:
This is a site for oncology nurses and it gives the patients an insight to the world of the staff that helps treat the disease. The site includes a section on patient education. Publications and research can also be found. Oncology news and commercial support round up the site.

Some of the sites may seam to be a bit repetitive, but it is still worth surfing them all, as information themes may reoccur but the information sources are different and therefore the more you search the more varied and comprehensive is the information you will have. Information is important to coping with cancer and it is advised that it be as complete as possible.

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