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  "My 3 children and myself have asthma." (guiltridden7)

MDJunction to me

Hazeldee"MDJunction means that I no longer have to feel like I am the only person in
the world with pericarditis. It means that I can talk to others who know
how stressful and how painful having pericarditis can be. It means that I
connect with others to discuss treatments that have or haven't worked for us, so that we have a leg to stand on. I think that having my friends at
MDJunction has allowed me to better mentally and emotionally process my
diagnosis and what it means to me. I feel so lucky to have this community
available to me. I use MDJunction as a way to use my experience to help
others. Reaching out to help others is the only solace I have found since
being diagnosed with pericarditis.
" (Hazeldee)

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