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Latest Bipolar Spouses Diaries
LadyRayn "In a revelation last night I have to terms that I may be using my husband as my "fix"! He's happy with sex once a week, and as is the reality in many relationships, there are times whe..."
ngedjs  "So, last night I got a message from her mom "Do what you need to do to be happy with A***** and her girls."  Me: What does this mean? Why this message now?  "If you love her y..."
Kelti  ""
mazzaje  "About a month into the divorce process ,it's been fun, he's busy blocking the utilities and trying to tell the court what  a wonderful father he is and how it wasn't really his fault ..."
Kelti  ""
Kelti  ""
Kelti  ""
orleatha "It's funny to reflect. We all have our battles in life. Our own personal stories. With the good, comes the bad. Some times the good is so good,that we simply over look it or become comfortabl..."
ngedjs  "Think I just miss the companionship and not necessarily her. I do know I enjoyed my time with her very much, having a life/family with her. "
ngedjs  "Awake, woke up so many times during the night. Think my fear is every day I don't hear from her she falls further and further out of love with me and more and more into someone elses arms. Why tha..."
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