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  "I have pulmonary hypertension.." (bubbyjean)

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Robin34"MDJunction to me is about community and connection with people from all around the world, giving and receiving support, strength and comfort during the more challenging times in our lives, and sharing happiness and positivity during the joyful times in our lives. MDJunction to me is about building amazing friendships through compassion and empathy, being a lighthouse for each other when we find ourselves in the dark. Oya Gazioglu" (Robin34)

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A community of bipolar special ones dedicated to dealing with our challenges together.
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Bipolar Spouses Current Discussion (Page 5)
"In my opinion, you'd be better off not listening to her voicemails. Each one is a contact that just..."
"I have bipolar disorder and when I was diagnosed, I felt that I needed space to deal with the diagnosis on..."
"hes a jerk ? if he can behave and be nice to others and not you he is choosing to treat you badly...."
"Never heard that saying before boogie but perhaps that's part of the reason my ex keeps resurfacing with..."
"i will boojie.Like everything else with this whole ordeal. Its strange. At first it seemed really..."
"It's been four months of nc with my ex Bp gf. I was told today that the house she bought suddenly she now..."
"excellent reading love4all."
"Thank you everyone, my brother has been with me and I am feeling much better and although he is not out of..."
"I was with their mother for 8 years. Her oldest seems to think she has the maturity to jump into a..."
by ngedjs

in Bipolar So's General & Support - 23 days ago
"hello new members and welcome to the group nobody joins on purpose. please read this thread...."
"Sally, I could have written your post EXACTLY. In fact, I could have written your post BACKWARDS! You..."
"If one is in an active manic state, especially if they are unmedicated, it is usually not a good idea to..."
"While my ending is just recent, I noticed my BPEX BF of only 4 months is already back on Plenty of Fish...."
by sheila32

in Bipolar So's General & Support - 23 days ago
"I went through same thing notus. not long ago. husband and i would walk down the drivway holding hands. he..."
"I've been reading a book called "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by Lundy , highly recommend it...."
"Hi Therapy, Welcome to the group. This group is so helpful to understand what goes on and to help keep..."
"now that is priceless lib LOL! so true."
"Hi Jane, Welcome and I m sorry that you have to be here.I hate to ell you this but his is what happens..."
"i think you are too. looks like the gig is up for this guy."
"All I have left to do is get my dog his shots & get my drivers license renewed.. I'm almost there!"
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