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  "My son who is XXY also has Epilepsy" (KPro57)

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janquito"There really wasn't a place to join up with other people who have been given the Prurigo Nodularis diagnosis until Roy agreed to start one here at MDJ. It is great to be able to share with others what no one else understands. It is a place where one can find an 'at home' feeling." (janquito)

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A community of bipolar special ones dedicated to dealing with our challenges together.
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Bipolar Spouses Current Discussion (Page 3)
"I completely agree!! I think it's just so odd because my ex has no communication with any exes! Why am I..."
"It will take a little more time. When hes in a good frame of mind. Just nicely remind him that he needs to..."
"BP disorder is a genetic disorder. We inherit the gene for it."
"Not a very good start alexa. This is a glimps of the future if he doesnt take care of himself as boojie..."
"Two obviously wise, loving women have spoken in your ear. Listen. Cheering for You!!!!!!"
"Meb. Im just thrilled for you. Everyone deserves to find a little happiness in this life."
"Sssssssssooooooooonnnnnnnnnn oooooooooooffffffff a bbbbbbbbiiiiiittttttcccccchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Was that was he was trying to do? Make me feel guilty and manipulate me? Yep"
"Is he on meds? is he seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist? Those are the first steps. If he is, then he..."
by Silverlock

in Bipolar So's General & Support - 13 days ago
"Yup! This describes my h. The hardest part of this is other people just believe he's such a nice guy. He's..."
by SoAfraid

in Bipolar So's General & Support - 13 days ago
"I so sympathize with you. While my ex and I never married, I became very attached to his daughter just as..."
by ifeelused

in Bipolar So's General & Support - 13 days ago
"Mine had started seeing a woman I was friendly with. She was a Facebook friend of mine. Of course he must..."
"hang a gold star on this one....."
"planning is everything"
"stay strong XO L."
"he has not been diagnosed by a professional. he is acting like a jerk. we cannot support you in..."
"i read this again. hes a jerk. get away from him as fast as you can. there is more than possible..."
"I believe that my boyfriend is bipolar, but to my knowledge he has not been diagnosed and he is..."
"I ran across this trying to find answeres. I listened to you describe your husband an I thought dear lord..."
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