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  "I lost several people to melanoma and I may even have it myself. I experience a ..." (hfbonura)

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bmac"A place to communicate with individuals that share my
pain and joy and allow me to "vent" without being judgmental.. MDJunction helped me understand my condition when many did not.
" (bmac)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Bipolar dealing with PTSD, together.
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Bipolar dealing with PTSD Current Discussion (Page 5)
"Been together for 7 years. had a child. Mood swings and couple of adultaries along with my suspecions of..."
"I truly respect the fact that you love your wife.This is just a suggestion but let her know that you do..."
"These are wonderful words of advice and I will certainly share with my daughter."
"I have tried explaining therapy to her and he wont budge about it, I almost lost her to divorce over it,..."
"Suday night I had the opportunity to watch 60 minutes that a congressmen was there to talk about his son..."
"Hello: i seriously do not know to much about a dissociative fugue state. i'll do some research on it and..."
"edited by: hypnagogic, at: 01/23/2014 07:28 AM"
"Thank you all for your support. Sometimes it feels like I cannot breath and I see it happen all over..."
"HI Tim: Keep the faith. You have a lot going on, it would be hard not to be emotional. Your human. BOBO"
"I commend you and your husband to attemptng to do everything you can to help your son and D-I-L deal with..."
"I commend you for recognizing there is a problem and taking a step to help yourself. I'll keep you in my..."
"Thanks for the warm welcome and advice Sandra! Take care, Tim"
"This is just a suggestion we are here for the support and to help you anyway we can. Just for now keep..."
"HELLO: Zin makes a very valid point about dealing with your brother, yes it is a very tough situation,..."
"Give her best wishes and hugz! And tell her to remember she is being thought of and missed every day"
"I believe that you have to acknowledge it, accept it for what it truly is, and then let it go. I don't..."
"I take Depakote... I like it so far... :) KAT"
"I truly love good news, thank you for sharig it, you made my night!!!bobo24"
"Becoming a published writer is one of my dreams. Having a log cabin house! Getting a degree in marine..."
"I guess it would be taking better care of myself healthwise. As to the similarities, my doc told me..."
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