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DARKDAZE "i just got home from the hospital with sepsis. i was weak before but really weak now. it exhausts me to walk to the kitchen. has anone got any advice how to build up my strength? ihave myasthenia grav..."
DARKDAZE "hi ihave been in the hospital with sepsix my sputum grew mrsa just got home today, i was treated with vancomycin and high coses of steroids, i was there 3 days. i felt good withall the steroids omg no..."
DARKDAZE "i jut feel so worn out from everything in life. not only physically but mentally as well. i know i need to ge see drs to be checked and see if there is something that can be done for me.. mentally i a..."
DARKDAZE "i have just been busy trying to stay alive in and out of the hospital,cant find a dr who knows what todoor how to treat me.wantrd to try plasmapheresi but cant find a dr who is willing. i was in the h..."
roy  "Happy spring everyone!It seems I have totally neglected writing in my diary lately, I do hope to write more now - let it be my spring resolution ;-)As opposed to my diary... a lot of work was put into..."
behcetshurts  "Dear Behcet's Disease,Why must you continuosly beat me down? Its bad enough that my poor body is already weak and limber because of the havoc you have wrecked throughout my insides, but also ..."
behcetshurts  "Here is an overview of the many (and what seems like endless) symptoms Ihave suffered from and continue to suffer from on a daily basis: ****Because I also suffer from adrenal insufficiency"
behcetshurts  "Faith is the cornerstone which all great lives are built...It has been such a long road for me to get to where I am today. I feel like I have already lived a long (but somewhat unfulfilled"
behcetshurts  "Thursday, August 23/2012;Dear Behcet's,I am so overwhelmed with exhaustion right now :( I feel like I have hit a complete road block-- a thick, super heavy brick wall to be exact-- "
behcetshurts  "This is something that I had written a little while ago in response to another Behcet's sufferer. I wanted to share it with others...Thank you so much Alison for sharing your story,"
behcetshurts  "Hi everyone :) my name is Jenna and I am suffering from Behcet's disease.I am 24 yrs old (will be 25 at the end of September) and was finally diagnosed with Behcet's last fall just before"
hezzi82  "Today am totally off the steroids  was on 10 mg for major flare of my behcets, and miagraine, I mmanaged to go t work although i wasnt myself because i had a niggly headache, when  dropped t..."
roy  "Hello friendsIt’s time for autumn updates.The first thing you probably noticed is that the left pane is on the left again!You guys voted & although it was close, the"
roy  "Happy days on MDJ... The green logo you guys chose dictated the rest but we tried to keep as many elements the same or similar. I really hope you like it!!It looks to us as everything is working"
roy  " I’d like to apologize to the many people whom I didn’t answer the past few days… as you can see I had a very good reason… ;-)"
roy  " 77% of the votes!!...not a big surprise to anyone who read some of"
roy  " Hello Fellow members! I’ll keep this short and Sweet… It’s time to give MDJ a little face lift & we want"
roy  " Hi Everyone, I hope this finds YOU in good health & spirit! Today we launched a few upgrades that, as always, were requested by your fellow members and are all improvements of your "
roy  "My Dear MDJ Family ;-) Once again it looks like i'm falling behind on my diary updates. almost 3 months since the last one.... :? BUT at least I bring good news... starting now"
Pia18  "2010-09-263:47:31 AMdepressed the last three days, raining , pain"
roy  " Hello my friends ;-) I hope"
roy  " UPDATE:  as of August 2012 we no longer support the MDJ toolbar and we recommend uninstalling it.   Exciting day !I am very happy to announce the launch of the MDJunction Communi..."
roy  "Hi everyone ;-)It’s been a long long time since I last updated my diary. Too long, I guess I’m nearly failing :?In about 10 days we will have some very exciting"
roy  "Hello MDJunction family!So many things I want to talk to you all about… ;-)I'll start with a BIG thank you to all our advocates"
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