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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Basal cell carcinoma, together.
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Basal Cell Carcinoma Current Discussion
"I was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma, Nodular Type on June 26-2014 I have had a spot by my eye for at..."
by Simpleeats
in BCC General & Support - 14 days ago
"There are creams actually. Both are RX and not indicated for all types of BCC. Talk to your dermatologist..."
"Hi, I have had Bcc removed on several places over the years and just last week had Mohs on my shoulder on..."
" did everything turn out? I know it's been a few months and was just checking in!!"
"I'm so sorry it's taken so long for someone to answer you. While I have no knowledge of the medication, I..."
"What sort of supplements do you recommend? I eat a fairly healthy diet, not much processed foods and I..."
"Hi all haven't been on here for some time. I have gorlins syndrome, so have had mutiple bcc's taken off..."
"Hi stella sorry for not replying sooner had login probs, which have been resolved. To answer your..."
"Yep I had two bcc removed from my nose but not on the tip, one was just below the bridge and the other on..."
"Hello everyone, I didn't think groups for BCC existed so I'm very pleased to actually find one. My name is..."
"having been diagnosed with BCc on scalp I am now waiting for MOHs surgery and plastic surgeon on standby..."
"How long for possible basal cell removal to heal? I had a bump next to nose removed with excesion, about..."
"I'm new too. I was diagnosed with sBCC on Monday and met with my doctor on Thursday to discuss..."
"Fresh Perspectives, a market research company, is seeking patients with ADVANCED BASAL CELL CARCINOMA..."
"Fresh Perspectives, a market research company, is seeking patients with ADVANCED BASAL CELL CARCINOMA to..."
"I have never had Moh's but have had 4 skin grafts for bcc.One on my leg and 3 on my scalp.Yes,It is scary..."
"So its the cancer that keeps on giving huh! I was hoping since my 2 were diagnosed at the same time ..It..."
"Hi elaynebb .new here too, How are you feeling today ?"
"I had Mohs surgery done on june 1st ,near the inner canthus (eye area). A skin graft was taken from the..."
"I will soon be having the 3rd basal cell removed from my scalp.Not fun!"
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