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  "I have hepatitis c and cirrhosis. " (lisapisa)

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scarysanity"I stumbled across MDJunction in late June of 2012 by accident while reearhing Anxiety infrmation. MDJ has become a haven for me during my darkest days, yet has allowed me to reach out and help others through my experiences. I have found so many wonderful people/friends here on MDJ. Without it I would not be the person I am today!" (scarysanity)

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Red, Green & Yellow Awareness Ribbon

  The Red,Green & Yellow ribbon is associated with support for Vietnam Veterans.

Why I wear the Red, Green & Yellow Ribbon:

Why others wear the Red, Green & Yellow Ribbon:
REM819 "U.S.Army 1969 - 1970 Republic of Vietnam Veteran For all the brave men and women who served befo..." (REM819) Latrellej "Both of my grandfathers are Veterans" (Latrellej) djc4294 "My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and is still suffering with PTSD. The country treated these retu..." (djc4294)
george2 "iam a vietnam vet that cant get the proper help from the va" (george2) MrsJanetG "My late husband was a 43 year Veteran! And my childhood friend died in Nam and his body to this d..." (MrsJanetG) jfnntt3 "Because without our Veterans we would not enjoy the freedom we do. We take for granted our Verter..." (jfnntt3)
EarlG8r "I Flew 135 Combat Missions in 1972" (EarlG8r) wllbn3 ""To honor all those that served. " (US Army 1978 to 1991)" (wllbn3) Grandpa2one "I memory to all my fellow servicemen who paid the ultimate price to serve our country. " (Grandpa2one)
grannyeileen "I served in marine corp " (grannyeileen) toolfan139 "I am a retired veteran of the United States Air Force." (toolfan139) Van123 "I served in the military and I'm greatful to the men & women who put the lives on the line for th..." (Van123)
GAgirl7 "My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and I honor him and all others who serve our country." (GAgirl7) charhar2 "My ex was a vet, as well as several former classmates from high school. " (charhar2) moshe "Someone has to be the voice for those who were never heard from again" (moshe)
OIFVet "In honor...Because I am eternally grateful to the dedication and sacrifice of warriors past. " (OIFVet) tqhs "My late husband did 2 tours in Vietnam, and was proud to have served his country." (tqhs) ladylane59 "some one that I care about served in the military and suffers from drug adiction due to PTSD.." (ladylane59)

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