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  "For my great aunt who had a stroke not long ago. May she recover and live life s..." (Echoshe121)
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whyhellomay  "It's been very difficult to breathe lately. My dermatologist merely gave me shampoo and lotion to treat my scalp. Every time I try to mention a problem I have, I shut down;I've been calle..."
whyhellomay  "I have left out other things,I read something called Morgallons*sp?* disease,my face has become prone to incredibly amounts of acne, with canker sores around my lips. I do not go see friends or go out..."
lken  "after being in hospital and having a couple stents put in, it makes me feel coming close to end of my life.  i do not fear it.  i have been close to death to many times i guess and something..."
whyhellomay  "Wow. Last I wrote was January.I just want to throw out, that no, I haven't been helped yet.I actually believe I lost my mind a bit -- You see, in November of last year and this year, I'd ..."
Anyone  "I´m trying to avoid negative influences so I haven´t been going to school lately, so as to not see the guy. Meanwhile I´m trying to surround myself with positive people. I am trying ..."
Anyone  "God, if you are out there, help me. I am heartbroken again. Whyam I going through this? Why did you make me fall inlove with someone who doesn´t love me, yet again? You know how much that hurts ..."
lken  "are humans always needing something to feel better, it could be food,drink,drug, a hug or pat on the back,  a good morning kiss to slow we care enough we are here.  how far different are we ..."
lken  "do we seek pleasure instead of truth ? is pain close to pleasure, do we hide with pleasure to not see the truth?  the pain from the past is it like a pleasure of the present ? physical pain is it..."
lken  "i normally feel up and up, but since coming out of hospital for couple stents that were put in, i have been down a lot, right after i got out, it was real bad, the kind of what the heck why go on type..."
lken  "i have had a lot of brushes with the here after in my life, started as a wild teen to couple years in a war as a marine, then the troubled years of living in a suicidal mental state , not taking my on..."
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