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  "Everyone I know, including myself, who struggles with Mental Health." (kimmy8888)
A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Arnold Chiari Malformation, together.
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lamb47802  "another two whole hours of sleep  i'm having fun got the laundry done thou and made chocolate chip cookies and aphabetatized my cupboards amazing what ucan get done when u are trying to forge..."
lamb47802  "4 HOURS YEAH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FEELING GREAT HEADBANNING 2 AUDIOSLAVEREADY TO CONQUER THE WORLD "
lamb47802  "i am on day 6   OMG  HOW CAN A BODY BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TIRED AND THE MIND STILL GOING AND GOING AND GOING nevermind u get the point y can't i ever sleep i know the past is the"
prism  "Years. YEARS! y-e-a-r-s........ they're gone.  Usually when someone takes something from you, something of value, you have the right to avenge that wrongdoing. Usually- when someone"
LITLEFAWN3  "The cold winter months for me aggrivate the TN pain and I find that Im having more pain and I know it's triggered by the temprature change.I must say that the Spring is when I find the pain"
lamb47802  "every fiber hurts today.i am cramped so tight i can't stand it, and i have spasms so bad today the spasms actually threw me off the bed while i was sleeping. then had a hard time getting"
lamb47802  "WOW!!!!!!!I'M MAKING IT EVEN ENDED UP REDO LIVING ROOM TOO!!!!!! i've amazed myself in 5 days i have sorted ,purged ,removed,switched bedroom with my son and then ended up"
lamb47802  "just wonderin what today will bring yesterday was let's just say eventful go to enjoy 2 trips to dotors that were not planned. but thanks to being a single parent they didn't make be hospitliz..."
lamb47802  "feel more positive just getting it ut to someone , anyone hepled thank you all crawling to the bathroom not fun but eventualy  i could stand so what can i really complain about i can stand"
LITLEFAWN3  " Look over your shoulder, thats God following you. Look into the storm, thats Christ coming toward you...Max L"
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