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  "I wear purple for chronic pain and pancreatitis." (momqueenie)

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neshama48"Having Crohn's Disease for over 26 years, in the first few years, it lonely and isolating.
Though now my disease is in a near perfect remission, my friends and family are sympathetic to me, but I can not talk to them about this disease. When I stumbled across MD Junction, and met others who had the same disease I was not alone in battling the disease. MD Junction is like a second family, without the judgement or guilt of having Crohn's Disease, but they do give you love and support.
" (neshama48)

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Written by littlebopeep1   
04 July 2008

In 1950, parents of children with developmental disabilities band together to form The Association for Retarted Children, the forerunner of The Arc of today, to push for educational services and other opportunities for their children. As a result, more people with disabilities come into contact with general society.

At the time, most people with developmental disabilities are isolated in institution or private homes, receive little practical education and are largely unemployed. Assumed to be unable and uninterested in making choices related to their lives, people with developmental disabilities are rarely asked for their opinions.

written by maryanne

July 4, 2008

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