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  "My close friend died from uterine cancer." (minervajane)
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Latest Addiction Recovery Diaries
lmh2011 "7 Years of Bad LuckRemember when you were a kid and things like "don't break a mirror", "don't walk under a ladder", "don't let a black cat cross your path" o..."
whymenow  "Dear diary, I am in the 3rd week of increasing my Lamictal dose from 200mgs per day to 300mgs per day at a pace of 25mgs per week.  I do feel better, and more stable.  I don't have the r..."
irisgardens  "I went to court last week and asked that the court give her the consequences within their power (charged with petty theft and the drug paraphanelia and other city warrant dismissed) so that she could ..."
irisgardens  "Self-Help for Anxiety ReliefWorrying can be helpful when it spurs you to take action and solve a problem. But if you're preoccupied with "what ifs" and worst-case scenarios, worry become..."
irisgardens  "To My Son Dec 01 2010Dear Child, I write this letter to you, not out of anger or hate, but out of love. You are my dear child and I have never, even for one minute, stopped loving you, thoug..."
Suffering13  "Dear diary,I'm having a hard time sleeping tonight and I know exactly why. I took my Vyvanse at 7 pm in anticipation of finishing all my last minute homework for school tomorrow by pulling an all ..."
btthegreat "I am a divorced father, who has had an excellent rapport with my ex ( we always lived less than a block away to best co-parent).  We have struggled with my nearly 17 year old's addiction for ..."
lken  "i feel we have been conditioned so , we feel we have to own another person in a relationship... why?  we are individual people.   having to watch your partner so they do not stray is wrong.&..."
irisgardens  "I recommend this powerful exercise to any parent of an addict. Write a letter to yourself from God. Or use this one and fill in your name. (And if you have a son, adjust it accordingly)...Dear (my Nam..."
mitzigirl  "What is life like with both lungs that are failing???I would say it is a challenge to say the least. Somedays of course is not as bad then others you feel like every breathe will be your last. I have ..."
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