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4uwisdom  "This show would elaborate on our spiritual connection with God. I want to know do you know of his real goodness or your just subject to religious ideologies of going to church every Sunday makes you..."
4uwisdom  " After a tragic death (In 1989), a gift of restoration was given (May 1, 1990).  When a soul has been broken, God can restore and make us whole.  He is able to take the pain and lonelines..."
4uwisdom  "This show is about taking your mind , body and soul to higher level of your calling. We all have stumbling blocks that we have to crossover to obtain true deliverance. http://www.blogtalkradio...."
4uwisdom  " Labels do affect us… but we must know…who.... we... are… to respond with benefit. We must not accept low self-esteem, letting those labels take control over our emotions. ..."
4uwisdom  " The Little Girl (Seeing With Our Spiritual Eyes) The Platform (Her name is: Bigcountry) Listen as she shares her story...."
4uwisdom  " Empowering women to recognize and heal from addiction relapse. Get off the ISLAND, the water is warm. You are no longer alone. 1. For those suffering with addiction, are u aware of what is ..."
respect  "This is my 2nd attempt at entry so wish me luck. I AM JUST SO GLAD I FOUND THIS SITE. I have had PTSD AND RSD for over 30 years and this is first time I have had opportunity to share experiences and o..."
TIGEREYES97  "Everything lately feels like its closing in on me and I can do nothing to stop it .... I have tried to think positively and rely on god but I feel so empty and lifeless .... And when I'm not feeli..."
SavannahLN  "I have been accepted to Hampshire College. Hallelujah!!! "
Lindsay701 "Yesterday as my alarm went off I woke up out of a dream I was on a giant roller coaster I was terrified of. I was happy that was a dream! I should have looked at it as 'foreshadowing' of my da..."
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